Managing staff disciplinaries

Taking a robust, but fair, approach when things to wrong

With the right culture, recruitment, training and management, primary care teams should function at their best and work in harmony. But no team or individual is perfect and sometimes things go wrong, occasionally leading to a disciplinary process being implemented.  McLaren Perry’s delivers a highly-practical training course, based on real-world experience, to ensure best practice and optimum outcomes when the worst happens.

Length of course:  One day

Location: On-site

Course content:

  • Key legal frameworks and compliant basic procedures
  • When, and when not, to implement disciplinary procedures
  • The stages of a disciplinary procedure
  • ‘Real-life’ examples – the pitfalls and realities of a disciplinary case
  • The importance of a robust and fair investigatory process
  • Managing continued poor performance
  • Managing serious one-off incidents
  • Appeals process and the role of ACAS and employment tribunals
  • Disciplinary policy templates

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