Crisis Management

GP Practice crisis management

Restoring best practice in challenging times

Running a GP Practice is a daunting task, as clinicians and administrators face reducing budgets and increasing patient demand.  Sometimes that task becomes overwhelming and it seems impossible to see the wood for the trees.

Using a partnership approach, McLaren Perry works with GP Practices in crisis; helping them understand the issues, plan a realistic way forward and bring patient and community care back into focus.  This service ensures:

  • Effective and efficient processes and systems in place
  • The practice employs the right staff, in the right place, with the right skills
  • Patients see and report a measurable improvement in care quality
  • The practice is financially viable: maximising income while minimising costs
  • CQC standards achieved or enhanced.
Word of mouth

“McLaren Perry’s combination of strategic vision with an eye for detail has enabled us to create a positive working environment, recruit skilled staff and introduce sustainable performance measures.”
Dr Ramesh, Managing Partner

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