Bringing best practice together

As regional and local patient demographics change, so GP Practice demands alter.  In some cases, GP partners are reaching retirement age or relocating, creating a succession-planning challenge.

In some cases, the solution is to merge with another GP practice. This takes planning, an understanding of the staff, patient and estate implications and a range of of legal and governance requirements.  McLaren Perry are experienced in advising and supporting GP practices though this process. Our service ensures:

  • Existing estate is suitable for merger or expansion
  • Legal documentation and governance process are in place
  • Partners understand their roles and responsibilities
  • Staffing is restructured with clear roles and responsibilities
  • Staff TUPE rights are met
  • Information management and technology is in place across practices
  • Patients are fully engaged and informed
  • Systems are compliant, consistent and suitable for integration
  • Available services meet patient demand

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