Life support

Life support, anaphylaxis and sepsis training

Saving lives in medical emergencies

Working in a GP practice or Primary Care department means a significantly increased chance of staff encountering a life-threatening emergency.  Where the first seconds and minutes count, all members of staff should be able to recognise symptoms and be able to start life-saving procedures before specialised assistance arrives.

Complaint with the NHS mandatory curriculum and national guidelines, McLaren Perry’s basic life support training offers practical, hands-on skills and procedures for Primary Care staff.

Length of course:  Half day

Location: On-site

Course content:

  • Responsibilities in an emergency
  • Initial assessment
  • Airway maintenance
  • Chest compression
  • Rescue breathing without compression for casualties with a pulse
  • Bag valve mask use
  • Recognising symptoms of cardiac arrest, stroke, anaphylaxis and sepsis
  • Care of on-site emergency equipment and drugs

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